Universal Adapter (WA-Series)

WAIIIv Series (1 TO 3 , 3 receptacle) (With voltage indicator)
WAIIIv Series
(1 TO 3 , 3 receptacle.)
(With voltage indicator.)
WAD Series (With NEMA-1-15R Receptacle)
WAD Series
(With NEMA-1-15R Receptacle.)
WAIIvs Series (1 TO 2, 2 receptacle) (With indicator and Varistors)
WAIIvs Series
(1 TO 2 , 2 receptacle.)
(With indicator and Varistors.)
WASvs Series (With Safety Shutter and Varistors)
WASvs Series
(With Safety Shutter and Varistors.)
WAvs Series (With indicator and Varistors)
WAvs Series
(With indicator and Varistors.)
WSA Series (With power switch)
WSA Series
(With power switch.)
WA Series
WA Series
WAII Series
WAII Series
WAS Series
WAS Series
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