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WHO Series

Multifunction Fuse Adapter with Patented Safety Shutter

WHO Series

Suitable For Area
  • WHO-7: England, Hong kong, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia
  • WHO-9: Germany, France, Indonesia, Korea (inlay way)
  • WHO-9A: Russia, China, South America
  • WHO-9B: UAE, Russia, China, South America
  • WHO-9C: UAE, South America, EU, Russia (inlay way)
  • WHO-10: India, Hong kong, South Africa
  • WHO-10L: large South Africa, India
  • WHO-11: Switzerland
  • WHO-11A: Switzerland (inlay way)
  • WHO-12A: Italy, Uruguay, (inlay way)
  • WHO-14: Egypt, Israel, UAE
  • WHO-16: China, Australia, New Zealand
  • WHO-18: Taiwan, Japan, USA, Canada (220V only)
  • WHO-20: Denmark
  • Can assemble different countries plugs,attach fuse, can replace
  • Magic interchangeable faceplate system, it is at your option to stay universal faceplate or change face to fit individual country
  • With patented safety shutter
  • Universal receptacle can accept different plugs all over the world
  • Can assemble different countries plugs, attach fuse, can replace
  • The main receptacle can be changeable to different countries plug plate
  • Can receive the 20-odd kinds of plugs used in various countries of the word
  • Universal receptacle can receive all kinds of plugs all over the world
  • Design for international standardization, unified size., replacing easily, and meet your individuality need
  • Specially design of match electroform apparatus for all kinds of industrial manufacturing lines/testing instrument equipment/big type database/web management center/information product
  • Universal plug adapter set for travel or business trips
  • Inner functional parts are all made of high grade copper, so the conductivity is ensured
  • CE and RoHS certifiedWHO-5: Taiwan, Japan, USA, Canada, Philippines, China, Thailand